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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Have your say:Overnight parking to be banned at Thirsk and Leeming Bar Industrial Estates

Have your say as the local council plan to ban overnight parking on Thirsk and Leeming Bar Industrial Estates. 

Complete the survery at www.hambleton.gov.uk/survey/pspo

Survery must be completed by Wednesday 25th July.


  1. No problem. How about all trucks stop delivering to Thirsk? Soon be moaning with no food in the shops or petrol for your cars. Not all truck drivers are inconsiderate.

  2. It's the same old story, a few Idol tramps can't be bothered to bag their rubbish so spoil it for the rest of us

  3. Will there be alternative parking available? Will the council maybe provide toilets? Maybe provide litter bins? Thought not. Usual crap. Finding problems, but never ever ever finding solutions. How about when you build industrial estates you might want to consider maybe a truckstop parking area with shower facilities? Nope thought not. Like I said, full of criticisms, but never answers. It's the same all over, very limited safe and secure parking, near non existant toilet facilities, we are constantly targeted by thieves ,service areas charge as much as £50 to park, and then provide no security. The services we park at will have 100 parking spaces, and 2 showers, the food on offer will ultimately be junk food. Sick of the know it alls.

  4. And that is why a week tomorrow its bye bye to driving for me after nearly 30 years.

  5. Problem is and I may get abuse for this. But the foreign drivers don't have any real respect for our country and will leave rubbish, some laybys don't even have bins!... I personally bag my rubbish and keep it until I get to services for fuel, others on the over hand just lob it out the cab..