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Friday, 21 September 2018

Are professional drivers meeting the required standards?

Transport operators know who the traffic commissioners are and what can happen to them if they do not maintain the vehicle and driver standards.
But when professional drivers get it wrong what happens?
As a professional driver you can also be called to appear in front of the traffic commissioner and many drivers are called in front of the traffic commissioner on a regular basis
As a professional driver your conduct can make you unfit to hold a licence which can directly affect a operators business and your ability as a professional driver to continue to keep working.
As a professional driver you are expected to fully understand the relevant industry legislation before carrying out your duties as a professional driver.

The industry legislation for professional drivers includes drivers hours and working time directive. Not sure if you meet the standards? Check Here

The legislation also requires you to know how to correctly use a tachograph and the correct mode use. Do you know if you are using it correctly? Check Here

Also included in the legislation is professional drivers must carry out a daily walk round checks, report it and get it repaired.  Are you doing this correctly?  Check Here

The legislation, rules and regulations for drivers hours, working time and tachographs are set out to help professional drivers keep the public safe when they are using the roads.
It will always be considered a serious offence by the traffic commissioner when a driver deliberately falsifies a record.

Failing to keep records such as pulling your card or manipulating a tacho (using magnets) would have you as a driver called to a conduct hearing where the traffic commissioner can impose periods of disqualification and revocation– the most serious case received up to 4 years.

If you’re unsure as a professional driver across the board if you are meeting the professional standards that the traffic commissioner requires then please Check Here

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