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Monday, 24 September 2018

Inside the new Scania G 450 XT Tipper

Scania G 450 XT 8X4 Tipper 

The German spec shown here comes with all the XT features such as lamp protection, front step, 40 tonne towpin in the front and a 4mm bumper. Mats explains even with construction road tyres fitted the Scania still ensures a smooth and distinct ride thanks to the two leaf front suspension. The tipper body shown encompasses a Mieller 3 way tipper body which is built specifically for the German market. Completing a light gross weight of 13870KG. The low gravity point on the vehicle helps to stabilise the vehicle and make it easier to drive on rough terrain. Scania Product Manager Mats Waldekrantz shows us around the Scania G 450 XT 8x4 on display at #iaa18 in Hanover, Germany.

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