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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Scania S 650 V8 for D&J Sibbald to celebrate 85 years

Family business D&J Sibbald is celebrating its 85th anniversary with the purchase of a Scania S 650 Highline V8 tractor unit from Scania Scotland. The vehicle has been named ‘Hardhill Caracara’, after a bird of prey with black feathers and a red beak which is reminiscent of the black leather trim and red stitching in the 16-litre V8 vehicle. While it features the same livery as the remainder of the fleet, which is all Scania R-series, it has also been fitted with alloy wheels.

The truck will be used for general haulage business throughout the United Kingdom transporting a variety of goods including construction materials, industrial components and fast moving consumer goods.

The business has a strong history with Scania as the first Scania vehicle purchased by the founders David and John Sibbald was a Scania 111 4x2 in 1975.

Partner of D&J Sibbald, Russell Sibbald, says: “We are extremely proud of our new Scania and knew that it would be the perfect purchase to mark our 85th anniversary – it is our first V8. We had heard extremely positive feedback about the new engine in the S 650 and we haven’t been disappointed. We’ve given the truck fleet number 85 as a nod to our anniversary too.”

It is estimated the truck will clock up around 160,000km a year and will be driven by William McCracken, a driver who has been with D&J Sibbald for over 30 years.

William said: “I’m very happy to be driving this vehicle for the company – it’s an honour for me. I’ve been really impressed with the S 650 – the new heating system is excellent and keeps a consistent temperature, the manoeuvrability of the passenger seat is great in the evenings when you’re relaxing after a hard day behind the wheel and the amount of storage is unbelievable. I’ve also been really surprised at the fuel efficiency, even when driving with a full load the mpg is seriously impressive.”

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