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Friday, 14 December 2018

Do you really need to undertake TM refresher training?

Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton has said he has lost count of the number of times he has pointed out to CPC holders that they’ve done no refresher training since qualifying – often decades ago.
Nick Denton (TC) also asked if you were told a pilot last received training in 1978, you wouldn’t get on the aircraft.
Nick Denton (TC) said neither would he.
Mr Denton also said “It’s why traffic commissioners have no confidence in TMs who don’t do anything to keep themselves up to date. They’re usually stuck in the same decade as our untrained airline pilot.”
Drivers now have to attend training every five years, so why not transport managers?

Mr Denton (TC) said a lot can happen in five years and since 2013, for example, DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness has been updated twice, penalties for mobile phone use have doubled and the use of AdBlue emulators has emerged.

So keeping up to date is absolutely vital. That’s why Mr Denton (TC) decided to do his  refresher training, almost five years after getting my CPC. Mr Nick Denton (TC) said “he also wants to practise what he preaches to the industry”

After Nick Denton (TC) had undertaken his refresher training one Transport Manager stuck out in his mind because this transport Manager highlighted that they attended a refresher course every year because it provided useful insurance in keeping up to date and confirming that he’s doing things right.

Most TMs probably won’t be able to attend annually. But it definitely shouldn’t be longer than five years. No matter how expert you think you are, there’ll always be something you don’t know.
As a transport Manager and Business Owner  it is vital that you ensure that your  transport operation is keeping up to date with new legislation and changes in the industry and you have measures in place to monitor this.
You can read Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton’s full article here

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