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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Driving Better Mental Health campaign to target driver loneliness

A new campaign, Driving Better Mental Health, launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show this week.
Backed by How’s My Driving?, National Recruitment Line and Karoma, the campaign will focus on supporting and improving the mental health of commercial vehicle drivers through tracking the issues of loneliness and social isolation.
“Research shows that maintaining good mental health is an important subject for us all.  With the needs of the job, commercial vehicle drivers tend to be isolated for long periods of time and can lack the benefits of regular social interaction.  Mental health can quickly suffer,” said David Footitt, How's My Driving? special ambassador.
The need for awareness of both physical and mental health of commercial vehicle drivers is something that the industry has long been talked about.  Isolation, lack of exercise and being away from home and loved ones for long periods of time has a known detrimental effect on drivers. 
Studies have been conducted, but to date little has actually be done to tackle the problem and support better mental health.  This new campaign aims to change this, by offering drivers the opportunity to connect with others in their community over a short game of chess.
5asideCHESS is a Social Enterprise determined to reconnect people in a disconnected world through a short form game of chess, which can simply be used by experienced players and novices alike to connect and engage. 
The 5asideCHESS team are currently part-way through a year-long UK tour using the Battling Suicide Bus.  They are promoting chess as a simple and effective way to get people back into the 'Art of Conversation.'
“Drivers can quickly strike up a game of chess wherever they take their stops and use the game as an opportunity to chat, re-ignite friendships and find new ones.   ‘Drive Better Mental Health’ aims to introduce and promote the 5asideCHESS concept to the logistics industry and get people playing, talking and connecting,” added Footitt.

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