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Sunday, 17 November 2019

CEMEX Launches Road Safety Campaign to Target Mobile Phone Use

To coincide with Road Safety Week, building materials supplier CEMEX has launched a campaign for all its drivers, to highlight the dangers of texting while driving.

There will be a dedicated week of activity running across the organisation between 18th and 22nd November – targeting all road users, ranging from the professional LGV drivers to car drivers on their daily commute.

At a number of key CEMEX sites across the country, including the Rugby head office, large 2m high boards will be installed at site exits to remind drivers of the dangers of using their phone to text while driving. 
A short educational video and presentation have been produced, which will be used in team meetings and driver briefings, supported by posters and leaflets for staff to take away. Finally, clip on vent air fresheners, with the slogan ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ will be given to drivers as a reminder of this important message. 

David Hart, Supply Chain Director for UK and France, commented: “Texting while driving is dangerous and we want to highlight the risks to everyone that drives on our behalf, whether they operate a vehicle as part of their role or travel to and from the office.  Research shows that drivers are 23 times more likely to have a crash if texting while driving and texting is six times more likely to cause a crash than drink driving – and yet every day we see people ignoring the law and using their phone at the wheel.

“Unfortunately, there have been instances where CEMEX truck drivers have been observed texting and have left the company as a result.  Not only is this activity incredibly dangerous but it is also illegal, so we wanted to use Road Safety Week as an opportunity to remind everyone of the vital importance of putting their phones away while driving. 
“We have created a powerful campaign that will raise awareness amongst our employees and contractors across our entire business. We would like to encourage everyone to help support this key campaign as they work with us – spread the message and help save lives.”

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