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Saturday, 23 November 2019

DAF CF Electric with 6x2 rigid chassis now available

DAF Trucks has introduced its CF Electric with 6x2 rigid chassis. The first vehicles will be field-tested later on this year as garbage trucks by the Dutch public waste disposal firms HVC and ROVA. 

The city of Rotterdam and Cure will follow suit early in 2020 with a fully electric 6x2 garbage truck fitted with a loader crane. All of these vehicles are equipped with a VDL E-Power driveline. The fully electric superstructure is supplied by VDL Translift.

Since the end of 2018, the first DAF CF Electrics have been operating as 4x2 tractors for various Dutch transporters, including Peter Appel, Simon Loos and Tinie Manders, as well as the supermarket chain Jumbo. These trucks are part of an extensive field test in which they are required to transport goods to and from destinations such as supermarkets and distribution centres. 

The German logistics firm Rhenus is currently using two CF Electrics for regional container transport. Thanks to its efficiency and all-purpose and practical usability, the DAF CF Electric won the prestigious ‘Green Truck Award’ in Germany earlier this year. 

Increased manoeuvrability

Because the truck is low on both emissions and noise when in use, the CF Electric is ideal not only for urban distribution but also for the collection of household waste. To this end, DAF has designed a 3-axle rigid with steering axle for increased manoeuvrability and an even higher loading capacity. The GVW for the CF Electric 6x2 is 28 tons.

Regular routes

The truck’s electric VDL E-power driveline provides 210 kW of power and a torque of 2,000 Nm – just like the CF Electric tractor. The driveline is powered by a battery pack with a (gross) energy content of 170 kWh; sufficient for covering regular garbage collection routes. Garbage trucks usually return to the depot every few hours to unload, where the electric trucks can recharge up to 80% battery capacity in only 30 minutes.

Sideloaders and loader cranes

HVC is active in Noord-Holland, the Rijnmond area and Flevoland, and ROVA in central and eastern regions of the Netherlands. Both firms make use of sideloaders by which containers can be emptied from the side of the truck. The city of Rotterdam and the Cure firm in the Eindhoven region will be using the DAF CF Electric complete with loader crane to collect garbage from underground containers.

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