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Thursday, 2 January 2020

iNAV-V High Value Vehicle Tracking Solution

High Value Vehicle Tracking solution

iNav-V offers a visual and interactive display of vehicle and driver activity so you can watch any trip from start-up to shutdown. You’ll know where your drivers spend their time, all the time. Early starts, early finishes, and off-hour activity are completely obvious with the timeline graph and colour-coded vehicle status highlights long stops and excessive idling, enabling you to dig in where needed. With just one click, you can view interactive timeline segments for location and trip details or drill down into full replay mode for one or multiple vehicles.​When your vehicles are the vital component of your business, their constant visibility and control is paramount.

iNav-V ensures today’s vehicle dependent organisations have full visibility of their fleet.​The potential for telematics in terms of looking after a fleet of vehicles is enormous as there is so much information that can be extracted and used by the business owner or fleet manager. Telematics has progressed from simply tracking staff to gathering information about how the vehicle (and driver) is performing and getting alerts about parts that need replacing, or vehicles that need servicing. Impact on a business's bottom line is significant.

Features overview:

iNav-V: GPS Fleet Management (Standard)

·         Live Vehicle Locations

·         Full Day Activity View

·         Journey Reports and Snail Trail View

·         Speeding Reports

·         Driver Behaviour Report

·         Time-on-Site Report

·         Idling Report

·         Geo-fence Alerts

·         and much more besides.

iNAV-V Pro

iNav-V: GPS Fleet Management (Pro)
·         All the above plus...
·         Fuel Tank Level Monitoring
·         Fuel Usage
·         Drivers' Hours
·         Remote Tachograph Download

   Software To Drive Profitability
Consumers need quality services and products and expect 100% satisfaction. The iNAV-V suite provides numerous benefits and opportunities to enhance your business model and improve your bottom line, including:

·         Intuitive / Simple to use software
·         Monitor daily use of your fleet/freight resources.
·         Locate Nearest Vehicle
·         Real time / Live, web-based (no downloads) vehicle tracking system
·         Fully function interactive satellite mapping
·         Multi-Journey Replay / Playback
·         User Defined maps. Add your Customers, Points of Interest, Barred Locations
·         Entry& Exit Alerting
·         Full Management Reporting suite on demand or Email Scheduled Reporting
·         Driver behaviour analysis
·         True Speed Management Profiling
·         Receive lower insurance rates. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have real-time GPS tracking.
·         Reduce carbon footprint by improving fuel efficiency.
·         Obtain detailed critical fuel efficiency information including: Fuel use, Fuel consumption, Engine speed, Trip distance, Trip fuel and Number of brake applications.
·         Guarantee first-class customer service by providing minute-by-minute fleet tracking, accurate pick-up and delivery times.
·         Improve vehicle use by eliminating unnecessary idle time and operating misuse.
·         Increase employee productivity, efficiency and accountability by eliminating wait/down time, dispatch inaccuracies and tardiness.
·         Personal/Company mileage switching.
·         Working Time Directive switching.
·         Ensure compliance with current legislation.
·         Capitalise on accurate fleet for profit/loss analysis, accountability and budget preparation.
·         Develop strategic transportation planning schedules along with advanced vehicle maintenance routines.

    Flexible Pricing
A vehicle tracking unit is normally installed and hard wired into the vehicle to protect it and monitor it. Generally, this allows for more feature-rich capability of such a solution. This requires supply of the hardware and the cost of installation. 
We can offer the option of an OBDII device which is a “Plug & Play” vehicle tracking unit which you can simply plug into the vehicle and monitor it without the downtime & additional installation costs of the conventional hardwired vehicle tracking systems. Please, however, contact us regarding your specific requirements and objectives as there are additional benefits of the standard hardwired unit over the Plug & play unit.
In addition to the hardware type and connection methods, we provide "No contract" pricing, single and multi-year contract pricing, basic feature set and pro feature set prices. Please see our Prices section.

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