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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Michelin’s new X Multi HD D tyres keep Sonic Rail Services on the right track

Sonic Rail Services (SRS) is one of the first operators in the country to enjoy the benefits of Michelin’s latest X Multi HD D tyres.

The rail infrastructure business is trialling the 315/80 R22.5 fitments on its flagship Volvo FH16 750 tractor unit and plans to roll out the tyres across the remainder of its heavy fleet.

Designed to be the most robust tyre in the market for versatile applications requiring a combination of high mileage potential and traction, the X Multi HD D – HD stands for heavy-duty and D for drive – is proving a great solution for SRS.

Jon Vincent, SRS Fleet Maintenance Manager, says: “In our line of work, one minute we are on the roads and the next we’re pulling on to a construction site. Traction can be a real issue for us. But it’s hard to justify fitting our trucks with specialised construction tyres as we risk losing the exceptional on-road performance we value.

“Our FH16 750 was originally specified with a competitor’s construction tyre, but we were really struggling with grip on the road, so we changed to the X Multi HD D following advice from our local Michelin account manager.

With these new tyres you get the best of both worlds. They seem to run well on all surfaces.”

The X Multi HD D was launched earlier this year – marking the first time Michelin has offered a dedicated heavy-duty drive tyre within its regional tyre range.

The robust fitments are ideal for operators such as SRS, that carry heavy loads and are required to travel on more aggressive surfaces during the final mile of their collections or deliveries.

“Our trucks range from standard rigids, right up to articulated heavy-haulage and high-horsepower tractor units, pulling extendable trailers that can be carrying long lengths of rail,” says Vincent. “They are currently running on Michelin X MultiWay 3D XDE tyres, which we have never had any issues with – the grip is fantastic. But the X Multi HD Ds seem to be ideal for the work we are doing, and we will look to upgrade all our trucks as wear dictates.”

Key to the X Multi HD D’s impressive performance credentials are the latest Michelin technologies including Powercoil – strong casing cables which help to make each tyre lighter yet more robust – leading to better endurance and reduced rolling resistance.

Other technologies built into the tyres include an innovative tread design featuring optimised robust tread blocks, half depth sipes and stone ejectors to improve the tyre’s service life and offer additional protection from accidental damage. A reinforced sipe design also provides optimised grip by maintaining tread block rigidity.

SRS used to run a mix of competitor tyres but is moving ahead with a strict Michelin-only policy and is now also benefiting from Michelin ONCall – the manufacturer’s own 24/7 commercial vehicle tyre breakdown service.

“You know what you get from Michelin,” says Vincent. “Reliability, durability and the customer service is second to none.”

Founded in 1997, and now employing over 70 permanent members of staff, SRS deliver all aspects of infrastructure projects for Network Rail and London Underground. It has a head office in Burnham-on-Crouch, in Essex, and satellite offices in Kent and central London.

For further information on the Michelin commercial vehicle tyre range, visit http://trucks.michelin.co.uk/

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