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Friday, 14 February 2020

DAF celebrates 250,000th Super Space Cab with special edition

DAF Trucks unveils the XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition. With this luxurious and specially striped version of the largest and most comfortable cab on the market, DAF is celebrating the production of the 250,000th DAF XF with Super Space Cab. 

Drivers are treated to a luxuriously trimmed interior, including among other things the cognac-coloured leather package as standard.

“How can we offer the driver the very highest comfort?” This question led in 1988 to the introduction of the DAF 3300 Space Cab, which set the new level in terms of interior space and thus driver comfort thanks to the raised roof. In 1993, DAF went even further: the Super Space Cab, with which DAF again set new standards.

Ideal place for the drive

The cab of the latest DAF XF Super Space Cab is the most ideal place for every driver to work, live and sleep. Unsurpassed ergonomically, beautifully decorated and extremely spacious. The cab has a volume of no less than 12.6 m3 making it the most spacious on the market. The XF Super Space Cab offers an impressive standing room of 2.23 metres and with no less than 925 litres of storage space. It is equipped with two generous beds, the lower one is 80 cm wide and 2.20 metres long, and comes with a deep mattress as standard. It is not without reason that half of all DAF XFs are ordered as Super Space Cab.

The DAF XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition is available as 4x2 FT and 6x2 FTG tractor variants as well as in all rigid configurations. In terms of power unit, the PACCAR MX-11 with 330 kW/450 hp can be selected or the PACCAR MX-13 engine, with ratings of 355 kW/480 hp or 390 kW/530 hp.

The trim of this ‘special’ is country specific: each version is configured to suit local customer preferences – but every Celebration Edition is equipped with the beautiful Exclusive interior, including the beautiful cognac-coloured leather package. And the bed always has DAF’s 15 cm deep comfort mattress for maximum sleeping comfort. In addition, things like the fast DAF TNR navigation system, the most extensive climate control including operation from the rear wall and DAF's impressively large refrigerator come as standard.

The DAF XF Super Space Cab Celebration Edition is now available at all official DAF dealers.

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