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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Cleaning sewers with four axles and 580 hp

East Kilbride near Glasgow – a displacement of 15.6 litres, a six-cylinder in-line engine with 425 kW (580 hp), four axles of which two are driven – those are the key statistics for the Arocs 3258 8x4 which is now being used in the fight against sewage system dirt in Scotland. 

A steered rear axle makes the four-axle truck as agile as a three-axle vehicle so that it can reach its destination even on winding roads.

Once the truck has arrived at its destination the Wiedemann KW 4500 liquid ring vacuum pump with a suction output of 4500 m3 per hour comes into play. Sufficient water is available – and it is "environmentally friendly" water too: this is because no valuable drinking water is pumped from the vehicle's tank into the sewers for cleaning purposes, but water from the sewerage system is recycled and then reused. This saves up to 15 million litres of drinking water a year.

In the North of the UK it can get cold. But that is not a problem for this sewage-cleaning Arocs because it is designed for operation whatever the weather – even in temperatures as low as -10 ° C. The work team are also comfortable too; the Arocs body is equipped with a heated closet – so that wet clothes can dry quickly - as well as a warm water system for washing hands.

The heavy-duty four-axle truck is used by Enviro-Clean located in East Kilbride near Glasgow which has been providing waste management and cleaning services for private, commercial and industrial customers in Scotland and northern England for more than 20 years.

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