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Monday, 14 December 2020

Menzies Distribution acquires Bibby Distribution

Transformational deal combining two of the UK’s major logistics businesses

Menzies Distribution (Menzies) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bibby Distribution, a leading national logistics and supply chain services business, from the 213-year old, family owned Bibby Line Group. The transaction creates a major force in UK logistics, unlocking geographic potential and adding 38 new operating sites and a large, young fleet to Menzies’ well established and successful platform. 

Over 35 years, Bibby Distribution has built an end-to-end supply chain platform that provides solutions for its customers across a number of sectors including paper and packaging and consumer products. Bibby Distribution’s customers include an array of grocery retailers and blue-chip organisations across a range of resilient sectors. 

In recent years, Bibby Distribution’s committed senior management team, supported by an engaged workforce [1,400-strong], has executed operational changes which have improved both its quality of earnings and underlying profitability.

In synergising the networks and fleet, the scale of the combined business operations will amount to almost 5,000 employees, 4,000 vehicles and 100 depot locations. With deep industry knowledge, experience and expertise, the organisation will take the lead on quality, sustainability and innovation in UK logistics, strengthening the overall logistics world.

Commenting on the acquisition, Greg Michael, Chief Executive Officer of Menzies, said:

“We are delighted to acquire Bibby Distribution. We believe that through combining the complementary business with Menzies, there are significant opportunities to grow both businesses through unlocking further geographical capability and expanding services to both sets of customers. For both our businesses’ customers, it will be very much business as usual and we look forward to supporting their growth in the coming years. Our ambitious plans for expansion underpin our absolute commitment to all our customers across all our markets. We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues to the next chapter of our combined growth strategy.”

Richard Morson, Chief Executive Officer of Bibby Distribution, added:

“Menzies is the ideal partner for taking [Bibby Distribution’s] achievements of the last 35 years to the next level. Our shared values of outstanding reliability, strong relationships and heritage underpin the compelling prospect of an enlarged group taking the lead on quality and innovation in UK logistics. Menzies’ smart approach to supply chain solutions for its customers and pioneering investment in electric vehicle technology show it is a truly future-focused business and we are very much looking forward to embarking on this new journey.

“Having established the business in 1985, Bibby Line Group has been a fantastic custodian for Bibby Distribution and has played a vital part in the growth of the business to this point and I want to thank everyone involved for their support.

John Cresswell, Chief Executive Officer of Bibby Line Group, said:

“Bibby Distribution has built its reputation as a high quality, safe and reliable logistics provider, and since the company was established in 1985, we have seen it grow from strength to strength. This strategic realignment of our portfolio represents a strengthening of the Group balance sheet for future investment. I want to thank all our Bibby Distribution colleagues for their hard work and successes, and the value they have added to customers and our Group and we wish them well under new ownership with Menzies.”

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