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Monday, 8 March 2021

A new treasure for H&C Haulage

 James Ward always places great emphasis on the technology on board his new vehicles and, up to now, has opted for a somewhat discreet design on his Arocs four-axle trucks: inconspicuous white. 

But now, the owner of H&C Haulage has pulled out all the stops and ordered his latest Arocs 3248 completely in black – and that includes the wheels and vehicle frame.

Red accents on the radiator grille and red protective grilles over the headlamps set the vehicle apart, while a light bar and air horns on the roof further enhance the truck's bold outward appearance. And to ensure that the side view of the truck also grabs your attention, a huge monkey's face adorns the flanks of the cab. But the design touches don't stop there: inside, drivers will enjoy the homely comforts of luxurious leather upholstery, a fridge and a night-time heating system.

The Arocs 3248 is powered by a 12.8-litre six-cylinder inline engine which delivers 350 kW (476 hp). Driven predominantly on the roads of south-west England, this jet-black gem is used for transporting earth and stone – just like its understated white-painted siblings.

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