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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Two stars, one mission: driving safely from Stuttgart Central Station to the Museum

It's not an everyday sight for the star to be travelling in tandem – not even in the home city of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Two tonnes of steel spread over a diameter of five metres are being transported safely in a tilted position on the back of a hydraulic heavy-duty transporter with a Mercedes-Benz Actros semitrailer truck.

Challenging loads like this one are a speciality for the experts of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Due to construction work on the Stuttgart 21 railway project, currently the central station building, the so‑called Bonatz building, and also the tower are being renovated. That is why the star has to move temporarily from the main station to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart. Since it was erected in 1952 on the 56 metre high railway station tower, the star has represented the automobile brand with its long tradition, at the company headquarters in Stuttgart. In 2025 the star will return to the restored tower at the new Stuttgart central station.

A strong partner for heavyweight freight: the Mercedes-Benz Actros supplies stores with groceries, keeps the roads clean as a municipal service vehicle and helps to build new homes as a tipper truck. The most powerful versions are the four-axle Actros SLT heavy-duty towing vehicles which can tow weights up to 250 tonnes. This truck with the star is a three-axle Actros 2653 LS 6x4 with towing power of up to 120 tonnes. Underneath the spacious Bigspace L-cab a six-cylinder in-line engine with 530 hp is at work. The Actros in operation is equipped with safety systems such as the latest generation emergency braking system, Active Brake Assist 5 with pedestrian detection.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros 2653 SLT towing vehicle and the hydraulic tilted position low-loader semitrailer transport the five-metre-long Mercedes star safely to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

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