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The HGV Driver Jobsite.

This website came about to fill a gap in the market place that the haulage industry is absolutely crying out for. I work in a family haulage business myself and when it comes to recruiting HGV drivers for us the first point of call is "word of mouth." However this will only go so far and once this option is exhausted what choices do we have then??

Local newspaper? Radio? Social media? Advertising jobsite?

So local newspaper?

Great for sourcing local drivers to a point...what if you have nationwide depots? Advertise in every local paper out there? This is going to stretch the budget. Even one advertisement in our local paper is getting on over £50. £50 just to recruit one driver who might even leave the next week??


This might be great for a short term campaign but again an expensive option for most. Its also hard to gather down all the details to apply whilst listening to a radio ad.

Social media

This is a great way to connect directly with people and costs absolutely nothing! I highly recommend this as a way to recruit but its very time consuming finding the right people in the right location at the right time!! Also that driver looking for a job is only going to find you if they are following your "company page" or "like" your post. This is why proactively connects with drivers and adds them into our Facebook group which now has over 10,000 drivers!

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Advertising jobsites

So there are plenty to choose from out there! But ask yourself many are specifically for recruiting HGV Drivers?

So there might be a few out there for the temporary driver market such as Driver Exchange and Locate A Driver. Both clever, great resources to use if you are after a driver to cover a shift on a temporary basis. But what about the permanent vacancy market or temp to perm market?

So there are the well known brands out there that have "millions" of CVS... the likes of Monster, Totaljobs, CV Library and Reed. But when you actually search for CVS in their CV database for "hgv driver" how many come up?? Suddenly this figure of a "million CVs" that they sold there advertisement to you drops to in the "1000s" but yet they still want to charge you ridiculous amounts to post a job vacancy.

Lets take a look; - £140 to post one job - £99 to post one job - £149 to post one job - £115 to post one job - £10 to post one job (First job is free!)

To conclude this is where fills the gap for recruiting HGV drivers - a low cost recruitment model that keeps everyone happy and saves money!!!

The aim of our website is to connect all drivers directly to employers and give drivers a website that has all the HGV driving jobs in one place.

We are the ideal platform to advertise your HGV driver vacancies offering our services to all employers and recruitment agencies operating in the haulage industry from Multi-national companies such as XPO, DHL to smaller haulage companies with only a few trucks. We cater for all!


So how do you use our website???

First you create an employer profile which is a space for you to fill out your company details.

Register here:

Upon registering this will take you to the next screen which allows you to post a job.

Simply click post a job and fill in your vacancy details.

Then your job is promoted across our social media, email subscribers and matched internally with our CV database.