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5 Great Benefits to Getting the Driver CPC Qualification

5 Great Benefits to Getting the Driver CPC Qualification

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the professed aim of improving road safety and helping maintain high standards of driving.

The Driver CPC was introduced in 2008 for bus and coach drivers, and 2009 for lorry drivers. You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving professionally without your card and if its lost or stolen you must replace it. You must do 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your Driver CPC.

Those are the basics about a Driver CPC. So, what are the benefits?

Improved knowledge

There are always updates in technology, laws and techniques that you may not come across in your daily life as a driver. The Driver CPC qualification course brings you bang up to date with the latest information. Don’t become complacent, you can always improve.

More employable

Its not enough to be satisfied with the present status quo; think about your future as a driver, new employment possibilities. Pick a course that will make you more employable and improve your skills. Being more employable, you may be in a position to earn more money and survive redundancy. You might also think about sharing your new knowledge with your colleagues and be seen as a more valuable member of the team.

Add the qualification details to your CV and social media profiles so that potential employers and recruitment agencies can take note of your skills. A professional qualification and improved wages should make the industry more attractive to new drivers.

Lower accident and insurance rates

The main objective of Driver CPC is to produce better trained drivers, to help to reduce road casualties and to improve road safety. As a result, an employer should experience increased productivity and lower fleet maintenance costs due to lower insurance premiums, less interruption to business, less wear and tear on vehicles, increases fuel economy and improved staff retention.

Research has shown that better and more frequent training for drivers should reduce accidents, whether correcting driver error or teaching accident avoidance. Accident avoidance will save employers the costs of vehicle repairs, loss of revenue due to the absence of the vehicle or the driver, and increased insurance premiums.

Driver CPC training will improve the driver’s ability to assess emergency situations, avoid accidents, summon assistance, assist casualties, give first aid, react to fire, evacuate the occupants of a coach or lorry, react to aggression and complete an accident report.

Save on fuel

Bearing in mind the number of miles covered by a long-distance lorry driver, improving fuel consumption is a very important factor. Fuel efficient driving or ecodriving is about adopting techniques that maximise the efficiency of modern engines. Using less fuel means that carbon emissions and air pollutants are reduced. Driver CPC courses can include fuel efficient driving style training. Some of the essential areas covered by this training include tyre pressures, braking, rolling resistance, high gears, low revs, junctions and hazards, going uphill and downhill, consistent and smooth acceleration and deceleration. You will learn how all of these points effect fuel efficiencies. A recent report concluded that appropriate training can generate at least a 5% saving in fuel consumption

Improved image for the company

Every employer will be interested in improving the public perception of their company and their employees. Properly trained professional drivers will assist this aim. Training in this area focuses on the skills required by the professional driver, an understanding of the safety requirements in relation to the vehicle, trailer, load and the environment, promotion of positive driving attitudes through thought and critique to improve driving practices, protect the driver and improve the company brand.

Driver CPC training focuses on the ability of the driver to adopt behaviour to enhance the image of the company. It will cover the importance for the company of the standard of the service provided by the driver, the roles of the driver, the people and situations that the driver will meet in their work, and vehicle maintenance.


A Driver CPC qualification is an essential requirement of the modern, professional driver of a bus, coach or lorry.

Safe driving!