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Class 1 HGV Driver Jobs is a jobsite for HGV drivers to find driving jobs. This article is designed to show new pass class 1 drivers what type of work is available.

When finding your perfect Class 1 HGV driver job its important to find out what sort of work might be right for you. Class 1 driving jobs can vary from simple trunking jobs to more specialised jobs which involve using ratchet straps and chains. 

Lets take a look what type of work is out there:

Class 1 Trunking jobs

Often found with larger companies who have major contracts with major manufacturers/retailers. Try larger logistic companies such as Wincanton, DHL and XPO. This type of work can often be available with driving agencies who offer regular shift runs.

Class 1 Multi-drop Jobs

This may involve pulling either a curtain sided trailer or box trailer to multiple drops. Often found with hauliers who are in pallet network and can involve a degree of manual handling work such as using a pallet pump truck or handballing pallets at customer drop off points.

Class 1 Refrigerated Jobs

Pulling refrigerated trailers where you will be required to set the correct temperature depending if you are moving chilled or frozen products. Usually easy back door tips but may involve a degree of pallet pump truck work tipping trailers.

Class 1 General Haulage

Usually pulling flatbed trailers. Good for variation and often involves different types of work which involves use of ratchet straps and chains to secure loads.

Class 1 Tipper Jobs

There a variety of tipper jobs available which could range from moving anything from aggregate, grain to animal feed. Various shifts are available and training is given to show you how to operate the bulk tipper trailer correctly. 

Class 1 Tanker Jobs

Tanker jobs vary from moving hazardous products in which you need to gain your ADR license in order to move certain products such as fuel to non hazardous food products such as chocolate. ADR tankers often earn higher wages due to the higher risk of carrying explosive materials.

Class 1 Container Jobs 

Class 1 container work often involves long waits due to loading/unloading queues at container bases. Handball tips are fairly common which require the driver to wait in the cab for hours at a time however there is not often any manual handling involved. Proper training in how to use container twist locks is required before undertaking this type of work.

Class 1 HIAB Jobs

Training on how to use a HIAB crane and gaining a HIAB operator license is required before being allowed to operate a HIAB truck. The work is often varied and may involve residential tips such as unloading bricks in housing estates or at development sites.

Class 1 Box Jobs

Often involves pulling high value loads which require extra security. Manual handling using a pump truck can be required at drops. Usually easy back door tips on bays.