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Hauling a 150 tonne windmill 82 kilometres is a complicated operation...

A look back to when Danish contractor Torben Rafn undertook a complex operation hauling a 150 tonne windmill 82 kilometres across Denmark. The Volvo FH16 featuring the I-shift with crawler gears and a custom-made trailer was the ideal tool for the job. 

See the full video of this complex operation here: 

Torben Rafn established in 1966 have over 100 employees and specialise in heavy haulage.

The facts:
Truck spec:  Volvo FH16 750 8X4 axle configuration I-Shift with crawler gears
The wind turbine: Length: 72 metres Width: 6 Metres Weight: 150 tonnes
The trailer has 17 axles and is custom built specifically for wind turbines.