LGV C+E Driver Training

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  • 24/02/2018
Training Driver Training Course

Job Description

Vehicle Categories
that we can train
YOU to drive.

BE - Car plus Trailer

BE car and trailer driver training

Combinations of vehicles consisting of a vehicle in category B and a trailer, Gross weight of the trailer must not exceed 3500kg.

C1 - 7.5 Tonner

C1 7.5 ton driver training

Vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg with no more than 8 passenger seats.

C1E - 7.5 Tonner & Trailer

LGV C1E driver training

Vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg plus trailer of over 750kg gross weight, combined weight no greater than 12000kg and no more than 8 seats.

C - Class 2 Rigid

HGV Training  LGV C

Rigid bodied vehicles over 7500kg with less than 8 seats.

CE - Class 1 Artic

HGV Class 1  driver training

Combination of truck and trailer over 12000kg gross weight of the entire combination, upto a maximum of 44000kg

D -Bus/Coach

Bus and Coach driver training

Coaches and buses with more than 16 passenger seats.

D1 - Minibus

Minibus Driver Training D1

Minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats and not exceeding 8 metres overall length.

D1E - Minibus & Trailer

Minibus and trailer training.

Minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats with a trailer over 750kg.

Module 4 CPC Training

If you are driving for HIRE AND REWARD you will need to pass your Module 4 Practical Test. Find ou more about the Module 4 Test by clicking the link above.

The different vehicle categories are very complicated, we are always happy to help and explain the regulations. Give us a call on 01904 737049 or email bookings@tockwithtrain.co.uk