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  • Tockwith Training Services Ltd, Shirbutt Lane, York, UK
  • 24/02/2018
Training Driver Training Course

Job Description

SCS & ALLMI Approved Lorry Mounted Crane Operator Training, HIAB Training.

Approved on major building sites by:

ALLMI CSCS HIAB Training with Attachments - Hook, Brick Clamp & Clamshell Bucket with Remote Control upto 20Ton per Metre Lift Capacity.

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• Over 40 years Experience & Family Owned & Run Company
• Over 1000+ Operators Trained
• Easy to Operate Crane for HIAB training bought new by ourselves
• Remote and Manual Control Loader Crane
• Hook, Brick Clamp and Clamshell Bucket attachment
• Certificated upto 20 Ton per Metre Capacity if using our crane
• Purpose Built Centre in York

By using Tockwith Training to gain an
CSCS ALLMI Operators Licence
to use:

• Up to 20 ton per metre Lorry Loader Crane
• Remote Controls operated Lorry Loader Crane
• Brick Clamp attachment
• Clamshell Bucket attachment
• Hook attachment
• Manual Controls operated Lorry Loader Crane

We can Guarantee that:

• 20 Ton per Metre Lorry Loader Crane is owned by us only, NOT hired.
• You will receive a FULLY Recognised Lorry Loader Licence.
• Instructors are fully trained by the CSCS RTITB & ALLMI.
• Our bookings office will manage your booking hassle free.
• Trainee : Instructor ratio of 4:1 will not be exceeded.
• You will practice for your test at our owned training centre.
• Have all the neccessary equipment to prepare you for work.
• Your driver training day(s) lasts from 8:30 until 16:00.

• We will handle everything, you just need to turn up and PASS!

Lorry Loader HIAB
Types that we can train
to operate.

Click the pictures below for more detailed information.

Upto 20 Ton per Metre
using Hook Attachment & Remote Control.

Hiab training with remote and hook attachment, ALLMI and RTITB Licences.

As the name suggests the Hook attachment is designed to lift loads that are normally suspended by use of webbing or chain slings.

Upto 20 Ton per Metre using Brick Clamp & Remote Control.

Hiab traing using brick grab clamp with remote controls ALLMI RTITB Standards to get a recognised licence.

The Brick Clamp attachment is almost solely used by building merchants and large home stores. It enables the loader to hold and lift up large packs of bricks, making unloading quick and easy at the delivery point.

Upto 20 Ton per Metre with Clamshell Bucket & Remote Control.

Hiab training with clamshell bucket and remote control to RTITB ALLMI standard including licence.

The Clamshell Bucket attachment is normally used for 'muck away' work carried out buy local councils and utilities companies to clear excess material from roadside excavations.

Upto 20 Ton per Metre with Manual Controls & Hook, Brick Clamp & Clamshell Bucket.

HIAB Training with Manual Controls using hook, brick clamp grab or clamshell bucket.

If you prefer to gain your Lorry Loader Licence without Remote Control specified on your certificate, but instead Manual Controls which is actually more challenging than using Remote then we can offer this instead, with any of the attachments.

The different Lorry Loader types and lifting capacity categories are very complicated, we are always happy to help and explain the regulations.

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