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  • Nicholls Transport, Sittingbourne, UK
  • 04/03/2018
Haulage Directory Class 1 (CAT C+E) Class 2 (CAT C) Day shift Night shift Nights Out Tramping Trunking Curtain sided Distribution Recycling Walking Floors

Job Description

We currently operate in excess of 90 artic vehicles and 200 + trailers including walking floor trailers. Our larger curtain sided trailers allow for customers goods to be double stacked inside a trailer providing a more cost effective solution, in turn allowing for more goods to be transported.

The majority of our vehicles are less than three years old and regular maintenance programmes ensure we keep our fleet in peak condition, minimising breakdowns and reducing repair downtime. Very few hauliers have their own workshop, but we do. Our trailers are serviced by our team of workshop fitters every eight weeks and our tractor units every five weeks. Keeping our fleet fit for the road means we can guarantee you reliable services at a competitive price.

  • Traditional family owned haulage company with a large, modern fuel-efficient fleet.
  • Modern vehicles equipped with systems to help reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Our vehicles and trailers are serviced on a regular basis by our team of skilled mechanics.
  • Expert in-house maintenance keeps our fleet ready for the road.

Driving up Standards

Our drivers are polite, hard-working and technically competent. We keep our drivers up to speed with regular training and development programmes, many of which are delivered in-house by our own highly qualified team. All new drivers are assessed and trained to our own standards. Re-training our drivers ensures they are up to speed with the latest legislations and technologies, ready to get your goods from A to B efficiently and safely.

  • Highly skilled, competent drivers
  • Specialist expertise in safe driving and fuel efficiency
  • Regular training and development schemes ensure proficiency

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We offer careers in the following areas of the company:

  • Traffic
  • Accounts
  • Workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Information Technology
  • HGV Driver (Class 1)